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Fun for the whole family

Thanks for sharing your Cattino photos with us

Places for Mom. Places for kids… places kitties to do their own thing :)

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My Cat from Hell

Photo taken on location of My Cat from Hell season 5

Photo taken on location of My Cat from Hell season 5

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Cattino Friends

Fun for the family

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Happy Halloween

2014-10-29 19.50.01

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Full of Felines! Area Shelters Desperate for Adoptions

Originally posted on whotv.com:

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Inside out and outside in — up high, down low.

“They’re all over you!” says volunteer, Hannah Banes.

And under you, among, around, even on our camera!

“Thirty-six of them,” says Martha Wittkowski, director of the Animal Lifeline shelter in Des Moines. “That’s a lot of cats!”

Too many for Animal Lifeline.  Fall is always a busy season, but this is the fullest it’s been.

“We’re turning special needs cats away right now because we don’t have any room to help them,” says Wittkowski.

And the room will only get tighter as the babies grow into kittens, the kittens into cats, and the cats into, well, hopefully a new family will come calling.

“We need adoptions,” says Banes.

“When people adopt from us,” Wittkowski adds, “they help two—the one that they’re taking home and the one that we can bring in then because we have space.”


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ArrrrTino – Cattino Celebrating – Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Cattino - Celebrating national talk like a pirate day

Cattino – Celebrating national talk like a pirate day

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Rattino Sighting

Rattino winner

Rattino winner


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