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Random five for August 10

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat

We are family –This weekend is our family reunion. It’s always great to see the extended family but there is usually some announcement that comes out. Sometimes it’s good news like a new baby. Sometimes not so good like a new health issue. Here’s hoping there is no news at all – just great companionship and wonderful food!

Circle of life – I have several frogs this year. In the past they would stay for a while and never be seen again. I love to observe them. (I know I need a life!)

They sit perfectly still for long periods of time until an insect comes within their range. Then in a split second, the tongue goes out, captures and swallows the bug. I’ve seen them eat bees and wondered how they don’t get stung. When they swallow lightning bugs, the bug continues to light up inside the frog…

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